2016 Day Planner with Habit Tracker

Day Planner with Habit Tracker is for you if you want to adapt good habits into your daily life. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Add a few good habits each month and keep track all of them to become a new you in 2017. It features:

  • A To-do List,
  • Lines to write down your appointments.
  • Diary with 2 questions to summarise your day.

It has 2 pages for each month for your habit tracking. Those pages have;

  • Space to write the habit you want to challenge yourself to repeat everyday.
  • Tick boxes for each day to tick when you’re done.



  • A weekly goals section
  • Lines to break down your weekly goals into small tasks to keep you focused on your goals.
  • “In an ideal week” section to remind you to have a good time.
  • Space to write down a  book you want to read that week.
  • Space to take lots of “me” time which we all need but never manage to make time for.
  • 2 pages full monthly view for every month.


Not just that. In every planner 30 pages to write down your goals, routines and notes.

  • First page personalised with your name
  • 2016 yearly view and space for “Special Days”, “Planned Vacations”, “National Holidays”.
  • 2 pages for your goals as in commitments and specialised goals such as Lifestyle Goals, Financial Goals etc.
  • 2 pages to note down the books you want to read.
  • A page to write down 50 movies and series you want to watch.
  • A list to fill with the cities you want to see this year.
  • Things you want to learn.
  • Things you want to buy as in big purchases.
  • A full page to write down your morning routine.
  • Also your night time routine.
  • Lots of pages for note-taking.
  • A page to start planning what you’ll write to your 2017 planner, brainstorming what you want to achieve.
  • A declutter guide and checklist for the year.
  • A cleaning guide to create your own cleaning routine for your place.
  • 2017 yearly view and space for “Special Days”, “Planned Vacations”, “National Holidays”.


It’s a 12 months planner and you can start from any month of the year . Thick, sturdy coil. Laminated 8 cover choices. Two planner designs to choose from; one plain, one fancy.