2016 Day Planner with Budget Plan

Day Planner with Budget Plan is for the ones who wants to keep track of what they’re wasting money on. It’s a good way to be aware of your expenses and save up some money at the end of the month. It features:

  • A To-do List,
  • Lines to write down your appointments.
  • Diary with 2 questions to summarise your day.


It has 2 pages for each month for your budget planning. Those pages have;

  • Space to write your income.
  • Your monthly spendings in 3 columns as “Need”, “Want” and “Luxury” to categorise what you’re spending money for
  • Space to write how much you want to save up & how much you ended saving up.
  • List for bills and credit cards with “Due Date”, “How Much”, “How Much Left” and tick boxes for “Paid”.


  • A weekly goals section
  • Lines to break down your weekly goals into small tasks to keep you focused on your goals.
  • “In an ideal week” section to remind you to have a good time.
  • Space to write down a  book you want to read that week.
  • Space to take lots of “me” time which we all need but never manage to make time for.
  • 2 pages full monthly view for every month.


Not just that. In every planner 30 pages to write down your goals, routines and notes.

  • First page personalised with your name
  • 2016 yearly view and space for “Special Days”, “Planned Vacations”, “National Holidays”.
  • 2 pages for your goals as in commitments and specialised goals such as Lifestyle Goals, Financial Goals etc.
  • 2 pages to note down the books you want to read.
  • A page to write down 50 movies and series you want to watch.
  • A list to fill with the cities you want to see this year.
  • Things you want to learn.
  • Things you want to buy as in big purchases.
  • A full page to write down your morning routine.
  • Also your night time routine.
  • Lots of pages for note-taking.
  • A page to start planning what you’ll write to your 2017 planner, brainstorming what you want to achieve.
  • A declutter guide and checklist for the year.
  • A cleaning guide to create your own cleaning routine for your place.
  • 2017 yearly view and space for “Special Days”, “Planned Vacations”, “National Holidays”.


It’s a 12 months planner and you can start from any month of the year. Thick, sturdy coil. Laminated 8 cover choices. Two planner designs to choose from; one plain, one fancy.