Free Christmas Planner!

Even though it’s 2 months away 🙂 most of us are excited about Christmas. You all know, it can be very hectic and needs to be planned well. So I thought a Christmas Planner can help you! And it’s FREE for all of you to download!


It’s A4 size so it’s easy to get it printed and keep in a folder. It can also be folded and kept in a planner pocket. It features:

  • Table Plan to plan out the seats & the food for the big night. Which you can paint or decorate!
  • Meal Plan with 6 lines to write “Starters, Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Desserts, Drinks and Decoration.
  • Guest List
  • To-do List
  • A last minute Check-List
  • Gift List to note what you want to buy for your loved ones.
  • A Card List to keep track of the Christmas Cards you need to send.
  • Also a page full of gift tags, Table Name Cards that you can fold and put on the table.

Click the image and download your free Christmas Planner. I hope you enjoy it! and I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends.



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