How to Achieve Goals?

goalsHow many times you’ve written down a set of new year resolutions and neglected them after the first weeks of January? Then had the same goals again next year in your list? Most of us do that every year. Having a goal and actually doing something to achieve it is two different things. There are some things to consider if you really want to make 2016, the year you accomplish all of your goals.

  • Don’t imagine the goal itself, imagine yourself after achieving it: This will help you realise if you REALLY want to achieve it or not. It’s human nature, sometimes we want something but after having it, we lose our interest. Don’t work hard for something you won’t appreciate later on. If you want to rent a place, imagine yourself living in it. It might look pretty from outside but you might not be happy in it.
  • Have realistic goals: You can aim as high as you want but it should be realistic. There might be technical difficulties and even impossibilities. Do your research and consult with experts if you need to. If your goal is having an health care plan, see your options before working for it.
  • Write it down: When you write down your goals, they’re no more dreams in your head. They’re real and in front of you everyday. When they’re written in a planner you use everyday, you make them a part of your life.
  • Paint a picture of your life after achieving this goal: Use one of the note pages and write down notes about your life when you’re done with the goal. If you want to earn a certain amount of money, write down what you can do with the money, the cities you can visit, the things you can buy. So when you lose track, reading that will make you want to work on your goal again.
  • Break down into smaller tasks: Writing down “Get a new job” makes no sense when you don’t have a plan on how to do it. That’s why there’s a section to write down smaller tasks to reach your goals in each week/month. When you break them down into smaller tasks, week by week or month by month achieving smaller tasks will make you closer to your goals.
  • Don’t give up: Don’t let yourself down if you didn’t do anything about your goal for the first 2 months of the year. Write each task every month if you need to, until you do them. The key is never ignoring them. If you stop writing down, they’ll be just words you’ve written months ago. When you lose track, just go back and remind yourself what you want to achieve, write it down again this month.
  • Celebrate your progress: Check the first months and see your progress. Celebrate how far you’ve come. And when you’re done, cross it out. You deserved it.


In Kings on Toast planners, there are plenty of pages to write down your goals. You can use the first “Goals for 2016” page to create the person you want to be in 2016. You can push yourself to be a better person and write down the things you should take more time to do in 2016. Change your eating habits, set yourself a reading goal. And write down anything else you want to change about yourself this year.


In the second “Goals for 2016” page, there are 4 list of goals. You don’t have to fill all of them and you can even change the titles with stickers if you need to, write your own categories. Lifestyle Goals are the goals you want to change in your daily life. Changing your exercise or eating habits. Personal Goals are things you want to change about yourself. Like losing weight, being more open to new ideas, even getting married can be one of them. Financial goals can be buying a specific thing or earning a certain amount of money. Career goals are the goals you want to achieve in your work life. Like owning your own business, making profit, selling a certain amount or being promoted in where you work. By making a separate list for each category, you’ll be able to have a better picture of what you want.

In “Long Day Planner” there’s a monthly page where you can write down “The Goals you’re working on this month” which is exactly designed for these goals. Also in all “Day Planners” have the same area in weekly pages. You can pick the goals you need to focus on that month, write them down and break down your goals into smaller tasks in the designated area so there’s no going back. You’ll be done with these goals once at a time.


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