Introduction to Kings on Toast Planners

Hello everyone! I’m the creator and designer of Kings on Toast Planners. I’ve been working in Graphic Design branch for 9 years in several agencies for countless brands. At the start of 2015 I realised the agendas I had wasn’t working for me anymore. I still had lots of lists, notes everywhere. Nowhere to keep them all together. After a long search for what I’ve been looking for, I wanted to simply design a page for myself, so I could print it out everyday and keep my notes, daily task, food journal, water intake etc. It was working! I was adapting new good habits into my daily life with habit tracker, for the first time in my life I was able to keep a food journal.

All my life, I thought designing was my passion but I realised there was something else I equally loved doing. Organising, helping people organise, making life better. I always thought creating routines wasn’t boring, it was quality time. Even our bodies work better on a routine! I believe in making a better you. I believe it’s more than reading a book, having a good career. Drinking more water, enjoying your daily coffee, having that bubble bath every Friday. It’s all about making a better you. Let it be anything you want, if you love seeing fresh flowers everyday, make a budget for it. If you enjoy running in the morning, create a night routine that will help you to fall asleep easier so you’ll have time in the morning. Most of our lives we “like” the idea of good habits, we rarely “live” them. But it’s not that hard. Solve problems, find solutions, make it work and adapt it to your life. And through these planners, if I can help one person to make their life better, I’ll be so happy.

Don’t hesitate mailing me for your ideas, feedback or questions about planners. hello (at)

Thanks! Have a great day!


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